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As a grassroots organization, membership is the heart of APCC. The support of our members allows us to change the pattern of development on Cape Cod so that we can better protect wildlife habitat, critical water resources, natural landscapes, water quality, fish runs and so much more.

Cyanobacteria Monitoring

For more information about cyanobacteria monitoring program and to for an interactive map of ponds sampled, click here.

Combatting Climate Change Requires Advocacy

"APCC had the pleasure of hosting Dr. John Holdren to provide a science-based, and very sobering, talk on climate change last week. Dr. Holdren’s presentation slides can be found on our website and I encourage you to spend the time they warrant to read and digest them."


Man fishing on shore of Santuit Pond in Mashpee

The Cape Has 1,000 Freshwater Ponds. How Many Are Toxic?

On a typical June evening at Santuit Pond in Mashpee, fishermen like Ted Kingsley can be found perched by the shore, or wading through the water, looking for bass. “The [deepest] I've been -- up to my ankles in it, maybe,” Kingsley said. He said he won’t go in past his ankles, though; something about the water isn’t right.

APCC has several options for businesses who want to support our vital work.

Because the Cape's environment IS its economy.

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