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As a grassroots organization, membership is the heart of APCC. The support of our members allows us to change the pattern of development on Cape Cod so that we can better protect wildlife habitat, critical water resources, natural landscapes, water quality, fish runs and so much more.

Harvesting Raindrops: Rain Barrels for Cape Cod

Rainwater is free! Don’t waste it. Put it to good use and buy a RAIN BARREL or two!

The 55gallon rain barrels we are offering are repurposed food barrels. They come preassembled in your choice of black, gray, terracotta, green or blue. Black or gray are the preferred colors in an historic district.

Proceeds to benefit APCC!

More Than Words

"Of late, the Cape leadership has been consumed in a discussion about freedom speech. While impassioned and necessary, the conversation has kind of missed the point. The question should not just be if there are standards of speech that public officials should be held to, but rather why we elect people whose speech prompts the question in the first place. From where I sit, it is far more productive to redirect the energy being spent debating limits on speech to identifying, vetting and supporting better candidates for public office. "

Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker to give a talk to your civic group, neighborhood association or classroom? APCC staff is prepared to provide presentations on a variety of topics.

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APCC has several options for businesses who want to support our vital work.

Because the Cape's environment IS its economy.

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