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Who We Are

Since our grassroots beginnings, APCC’s longevity as the region’s leading non-profit environmental advocacy organization is thanks to the generosity of our members through their dues and donations. APCC could not continue to do the important work we have done for over 50 years without the steadfast support of people who love Cape Cod and understand the value of protecting the beauty of the Cape’s living resources, salt marshes, beaches and dunes, lakes and ponds, quaint village centers and sweeping coastal views.

Business Members
APCC’s business members represent a wide range of small Cape Cod businesses that know the Cape’s environment is our economy. We are all inextricably linked to the natural beauty and ambience Cape Cod is known for the world around. We seek to build a relationship with our business members that will help foster an environmental ethic that will serve the Cape for generations to come.

Board of Directors
APCC has always attracted a high caliber of individuals for our board of directors who bring their talents and skills to help further the organization and its mission. We are grateful for the support of our board members.

Emeritus Board
APCC’s emeritus board was established to allow us to acknowledge and honor those past board members whose influence, advice and support shaped the organization and continue to be essential to our success. The emeritus board serves as a sounding board for new initiatives.

Advisory Board
With experience, wisdom, influence and expertise, the advisory board convenes to offer guidance on significant issues affecting Cape Cod.

Over five decades, APCC has produced landmark environmental achievements for Cape Cod through the work of a relatively small but dedicated staff. Our capacity to accomplish projects and further our mission is expanded through hardworking volunteers, talented interns and valued partnerships.