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Environmental advocacy gets results. Gifts to APCC matter. We need your help to preserve the ponds, salt marshes, beaches, forests, rivers, streams, flora, fauna, and life of Cape Cod for generations to come.

Here’s some of what you will be accomplishing with a donation to APCC:

  • Advocating for a net zero Cape
  • Working, town by town, to clean groundwater
  • Keeping swimmers safe by monitoring ponds for toxins
  • Collaborating with affordable housing advocates to create new housing in environmentally appropriate places.
  • Ensuring that every proposal for a new development, rule, or regulation doesn’t weaken the Cape’s natural or developed landscape.

Every donation makes us stronger. An annual gift of $50 or more makes you a member.

As an extra thank you for a one-time gift of $1,000, or a year-long recurring gift of $75 per month, we will send you a signed copy of a book by Steven Koppel (a $50 value). Fine art photographer and APCC board member, Steve chronicles the changing landscapes of Cape Cod with stunning images in his books, The Brewster Flats and The Cape Cod National Seashore.