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APCC Staff

Andrew Gottlieb

Executive Director of APCC. Andrew is responsible for determining the focus of APCC’s advocacy and educational efforts, implementing APCC’s programs, coordinating fund raising and membership activities, and the overall management of the daily operations of the organization.

Andrew has more than 30 years of environmental protection experience in government and elected terms in municipal office. Andrew has extensive experience working at all levels of government, having served as a local, state and county official as well as a legislative staff person.

A resident of Mashpee, Andrew is serving a fourth term on the Mashpee Board of Selectmen.

Don Keeran

Assistant Director of APCC. Don focuses extensively on environmental policy and advocacy for the organization, and acts as APCC’s liaison for most state and federal environmental legislative and policy issues. Don works on the state, regional and local levels on growth management initiatives, promoting the adoption of land use and planning policies that advance smart growth, natural resource protection and climate change. He is responsible for developing many of APCC’s positions on topical environmental issues, including proposals for regional development proposals and other projects that could impact the Cape’s natural resources and quality of life.

Jo Ann Muramoto, Ph.D.

Regional Coordinator for the Mass Bays Program (MBP) on Cape Cod and APCC Director of Science Programs. The MBP is one of 28 National Estuary Programs established under the Clean Water Act to improve the quality of estuaries of national significance. MBP goals include restoring and protecting coastal habitat, improving coastal water quality, promoting storm water management, and managing coastal erosion. Jo Ann’s projects include the designations of Cape Cod Bay, Nantucket Sound and Vineyard Sound as No-Discharge Areas (including writing grants for the towns for pump-out facilities) and the implementation of a herring count program at Stony Brook in Brewster. She also is assisting the towns of Brewster and Sandwich in grant writing for herring run restoration and stormwater remediation respectively; providing support letters to towns seeking funding for coastal projects; and assessing the feasibility of using storm water utilities to fund stormwater infrastructure and maintenance.

Kristin Andres

Kristin Andres is APCC’s Associate Director for Education and Informational Services. Kristin is responsible for APCC’s interaction with our membership and the broader public, as well as educational programming and materials related to APCC’s mission. As a primary liaison to the Cape community, Kristin interacts and develops relationships with a wide range of organizations, government agencies, schools and the general public in assessing and addressing educational needs related to conserving and preserving the Cape’s natural resources. Kristin organizes workshops, addresses civic groups and seeks educational opportunities through a variety of creative means. She is especially involved with our native plant initiative and promotes ecological land care and thoughtful stewardship of our managed landscapes.

Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers is APCC’s Grant Administrator responsible for managing all grants and contracts directly related to current programs and projects. She handles purchasing and provides support to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

April Wobst

Restoration Ecologist. April is responsible for advancing the goals of the Cape Cod Restoration Coordination Center established by APCC and our partners. APCC has worked with Cape communities to identify more than 140 restoration projects aimed at restoring impaired salt marshes, fish runs, and shellfish beds as well as improving water quality through stormwater remediation. As the restoration ecologist April supports the Center providing technical, planning, permitting and management support to communities interested in completing restoration projects.

Kevin Johnson

Ecologist. Kevin manages APCC’s Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program which tracks seasonal trends of harmful cyanobacteria blooms (HCBs) in major ponds across the Cape. The Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program includes a wide network of community members dedicated to understanding and alerting the public when major health concerns caused by HCBs arise. The continuing effects from nutrient loading and climate change will contribute to increased HCBs among Cape ponds in the future. Kevin also provides support for APCC’s Restoration Coordination Center and updating the State of the Waters: Cape Cod report and the Critical Habitats Atlas project.


Jordan Mora

Jordan works alongside April Wobst as restoration ecologist at APCC. Over her academic and professional career, Jordan has developed a strong set of technical skills in GIS-based mapping, field surveying techniques, and data analysis. Jordan primarily supports the Cape Cod Restoration Coordination Center through project site monitoring and assessment but also contributes to APCC’s broader water quality initiatives.