Rain Barrels

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Give your garden what it needs, rainwater.

Collect rainwater from your gutter downspout into a 55 gallon rain barrel. Rain barrels can be hooked up in tandem for greater water storage. These rain barrels are made from repurposed food barrels that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. In our book, that’s a twofer!

At $79, they are a bargain. Especially because your purchase will be delivered directly to your door, free of charge.

Purchase online at upcycle-products.com
(Please be certain you are ordering from the webpage with the APCC logo.)

Your choice of black, gray, terracotta, and blue. The barrel comes pre-assembled.

Note: black or gray are the best choice if you live in a historic district.

Your purchases will help support the Association to Preserve Cape Cod and its efforts to preserve, protect and enhance the Cape’s natural resources

Questions on the program, contact kandres@apcc.org or ph (508) 619-3185

Questions on the products, contact www.Upcycle-Products.com or ph (815) 735-9583

$79 each

Rain Barrel Photo Gallery