Critical Habitat Protection

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Critical Habitat Protection

From white cedar swamps to heathland to pine barrens, Cape Cod is blessed with a great diversity of unique and important habitats. APCC is unwavering in our commitment to safeguard the Cape’s critical habitats from adverse impacts and advocate for strengthened protections of our natural areas.

Over the years, APCC advocated for increased funding of the state’s land conservation programs, spearheaded the successful efforts that led to adoption of the Cape Cod Land Bank legislation and the preservation of the northern 15,000 acres of the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

APCC continues support for local open space preservation initiatives, maintains vigilance against development that may encroach on sensitive habitat areas, and pushes for improved local bylaws and regional and state regulatory policies that discourage sprawl. And through special projects and initiatives, such as the wetland habitat restoration efforts of our Restoration Coordination Center, APCC encourages resource protection and promotes proper stewardship of our land and water resources.