“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn

The warmth of this past Saturday made it the first day it really seemed like spring on Cape Cod, at least until the cooling wind dropped the afternoon temperature. It was a day to appreciate the swelling buds on the plants and trees, the emergence of the earliest flowers, the songs of returning birds and the first herring of the year. It was a day to set aside, at least to the degree possible, the daily grind and the stress of scheduling vaccine appointments to recognize that today is the tomorrow we hoped for in planting our gardens. If we don’t take the time to enjoy the garden, especially those first early signs of life, we are cheating ourselves.

Now that the weather is better, just take a minute and get outside. Remind yourself why you live on or visit Cape Cod. Let yourself get in sync with the early spring environment and let it lift your spirit a little. Store some of that good feeling for later and let just a little of it feed your resolve to do something to help Cape Cod.

Pretty soon you may be asked to vote for clean water at town meeting or to make a decision about how to care for your yard and to choose between natural landscapes or continued use of pesticides and fertilizers. Let the memory of early spring inspire you to get out to vote and commit yourself to the better yard care principles you will find here on APCC.org. Doing so will help make good springs around here a thing for many tomorrows to come.