That was fast.

As unusual as it was, the summer of 2020 seemed to pass quickly. And just like it does almost every year, the transition from summer southwesterlies and hazy warm conditions has given way to the windy swings of early September and lower sun angles and peeks of color. None of this is to suggest that there are not many wonderful weather days ahead, but more to acknowledge that something has changed. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it is a part of aging in general, but I’m struck by the sense that something precious has not only just been experienced but has also passed. Maybe that noise in my head really is tinnitus or maybe that’s just what the clock sounds like.

None of this is to suggest that it’s time to curl into a ball and wait for the end to come. Actually, to the contrary; it is a call to action based on the reminder that we have only a certain amount of time to grab a hold of something important and to make a difference. So, ask yourself this question, if not now, when? It is not like there is a lack of subjects that could use your attention.

The West Coast is ablaze, and it is not about raking the woods but instead it’s the ominous beginning of the future in the new climate we have helped create. While the west burns, we are washing away. There is plenty for you, and APCC, to work on here. If you think science is fundamental to effectively understand and combat the challenges we face as a species, there is plenty for you to work on, and worry about, here as well. Don’t accept living in a post-truth society. Do your research, listen, and engage. Don’t give into the lies and deceit; they lead nowhere good for anyone and can only take hold if unchallenged. Water quality, especially in the marine environment, has received a lot of attention and we are finally seeing progress. Our freshwater ponds, however, have been too long neglected and that has to change. APCC will be announcing the 2020 update of our State of the Waters Report at our Annual Meeting on September 30 (register here) and much of our focus will be on what needs to happen to protect our ponds. Protecting our ponds against further degradation will take the action of people all over Cape Cod.

Enjoy the nice fall weather but in addition, pick something important to you and work on it. You will feel better.