Have you ever wondered what that grassy stuff is at the edge of your pond? In this photo of Bassett Pond in Yarmouth, Sue Machie has captured not just a beautiful pond but some healthy rushes (“that grassy stuff”). This rhyme, familiar to many, could help you with beginning to identify what’s growing around your own pond: “Sedges have edges, rushes are round, grasses have knees that bend to the ground.”
Make sense?

What plants are around your pond?
Purple spikey flowers like this pickerel weed?

Floating lily pads with white flowers like this water lily?

Maybe you have seen these delicate little pink flowers called Rose Tickseed?

Want to learn more flower names and what they do to help ponds stay healthy? Here’s a handy guide to aquatic plants in Massachusetts and our very own guide to some freshwater plants you might see on your next walk!

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