Want to refuse financial assistance from a tax paid by non-Cape residents and, in doing so, increase your own property tax burden? I suspect not. Well, if you don’t want that to happen you should contact your local selectmen and town councilors and insist that they keep your town in as a member of the Cape and Islands Water Protection Trust. The Trust was established to lower Cape property taxes needed to fund water quality improvement.

While hard to believe, there is serious talk among some elected town officials to opt out of the Trust. This move originates from a lack of understanding of the financial benefits the Trust offers. In short, these misinformed town officials, fortunately few in number, want to increase the amount Cape residents have to pay to restore and protect water quality. It is up to each and every one of us to stop this movement in its tracks. Contact your local elected leaders and insist on two things: 1) your town proceeds with wastewater management and 2) it remains a member of the Trust. If your town decides to move forward with opting out, show up at Town Meeting or the Town Council meeting and say, “no”. Say no to dirty water and say no to sticking local taxpayers with an unnecessary portion of the bill.