With your support we were able to focus public attention on water quality through our groundbreaking report, State of the Waters: Cape Cod. We fought back against misguided and harmful federal proposals to open the coastal waters off Cape Cod to oil and gas exploration and drilling. We publicly and loudly supported the Vineyard Wind project as an essential first step in developing a low carbon energy supply. We expanded a much-needed sampling program for freshwater ponds to help protect the public from toxic cyanobacteria blooms. And the list goes on and on.

While feeling good about what we all did together in 2019, we are already looking forward to doing even more in 2020. With your continued help and support, APCC will expand our wetlands restoration and stormwater remediation efforts to more locations. We will identify and line up the next round of water quality enhancement projects and maintain pressure to keep the momentum going on wastewater cleanup. We will continue to fight the unravelling of federal environmental protection standards and continue to promote good climate change policies at the state and federal level. We will update the State of the Waters report and go solar at our building. There is more that we can and will do, but how much more depends on you.

The generosity of our membership enables APCC to exist and thrive. So please take a minute during the busy holiday season and make a generous donation to APCC so we can enter 2020 in a strong position. Your donation can come by mail using the return slips we have sent you as part of our Year End Appeal or you can click here right now and make a difference for the environment of Cape Cod. Please be as generous as you can. I promise we will use your donations to aggressively protect the environment of Cape Cod.

Thank you, and I look forward to a productive 2020.