Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project

APCC Water Resource Project
APCC led a coalition of regional and national organizations that successfully advocated for Congressional authorization and subsequent funding of the Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project (CCWRRP) in 2009. The CCWRRP is a $30 million region-wide project funded through the Small Watershed Program of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) that was created to improve water quality and habitat in some of the Cape’s most important resource areas.

Today, the CCWRRP, under the direction of NRCS and the Cape Cod Conservation District and in partnership with Cape towns, continues to receive federal funding in support of ongoing restoration projects Cape-wide that:

  • Improve tidal flushing and habitat in salt marshes where man-made obstructions such as dikes and road culverts have restricted normal tidal flow;
  • Restore fish ladders and passages to allow greater access to spawning habitat for migratory fish such as river herring; and
  • Improve shellfish habitat and marine water quality through stormwater remediation projects.

APCC continues our strong support of the CCWRRP through our advocacy directed at Congress for Small Watershed Program funding, as well as through our assistance to the Cape Cod Conservation District on the identification and coordination of projects and in monitoring the success of restoration projects after completion.