June 2019 was the warmest June on record. July 2019 will surpass it and become the 414th consecutive month where global temperatures were above the average. Think about that for a second. The overall global temperature has not been below the average since 1975.

Let that sink in and ask yourself, how can anyone continue to deny that the climate is warming at a rate unprecedented in the human experience?

Facts are facts and the science is clear and compelling that warming is occurring. And, that a warmer planet is wetter and more prone to extremes of storm and, ironically, drought.

Take a look at John Holdren’s presentation slides for more details on the climate changes we are experiencing. After you digest the new reality, pick up the phone and call a member of your Board of Selectman and tell them you expect your town to invest in adaption and mitigation to help Cape Cod better weather the coming storm.