Monday is Labor Day. How did that happen? How did summer 2021 pass so quickly? Here at APCC it was a busy and productive summer and that helps account for why it passed so fast. Personally, there was so much happening, much of it good, that time flew by without enough days on the water or clams dug or time to relax with friends and family. But that seems to be the way now, with the world seemingly sped up and we are all swept up for the ride.

For those of you for whom Labor Day marks a return to someplace else, rest assured that we at APCC remain on the job fighting for better water quality, restored habitat and a cleaner environment. We want you to be able to return here and see that things are better, that the Cape you came to love remains a place you want to return to and help preserve.

For those of us fortunate enough to call this place home (and I am sort of reminding myself by writing this), remember, there is plenty of good weather and magical times to be had as we slowly wend our way toward fall. Take advantage. The season ahead is one of the great rewards for living through our short springs.