The Glory of Cape Cod Ponds
by Carol Marcy
(based in part on a Native American creation myth)

In the beginning
Sun, being the first
created Atmosphere and Earth.
Earth complained,
hot and itchy
no respite from the yellow glare.
A new idea arose
turn ‘round slowly
discover a dance
between light and dark.
To honor her
they dressed her in jewels of lapis lazuli,
necklaces of rivers and streams,
cooling oceans,
crowned her with lakes and ponds.
Earth was quite pleased with Herself.
Completing the finishing touch,
Laurentine Ice
piling up a graceful spit of sand
reaching out into a wide blue ocean
dropped chunks of ice
as a parting gift, creating 365 magnificent jewels
filled to the brim with melting ice,
teaming with life.
Walking slowly through the woods,
I search out these ponds
glittering in the sunlight
some bedecked with floating lily flowers,
a graceful heron stalking the water’s edge,
a male swan guarding the nesting female,

herring come home to spawn,
tail up baby ducks with mom
learning how to bottom feed.
Precious lapis lazuli, serene and magnificent
bring such peace and beauty
to our sandy landscape.

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Pond Stories are a collection of writings from Cape Codders and visitors who love the 1000 local ponds that dot the Cape. Endearing as much as environmentally aware, we hope this collection of stories awakens your inner environmentalist to think deeper about our human impacts to these unique bodies of water. Check out these valuable resources to learn more about the current challenges Cape Cod ponds are facing and how you can be a better pond steward in your town.