Kudos to the Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage (OLAUG) getting on WBZ TV! The OLAUG is led by Susan Baur, aka “the turtle lady.” Her love of swimming in the Cape’s ponds has inspired her to be an advocate for our ponds. To that end, she has written and illustrated several books, and enlisted the help of these ladies to clean up the trash in our precious ponds. Susan informs us the Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage are willing to travel to your favorite pond to help with cleanup efforts!

CBS writes of the group: “We’ve all seen it. You’re smack-dab in the middle of a beautiful place in nature, and you see a piece of litter. Dr. Susan Baur, an 81-year-old avid swimmer, decided she had seen enough trash at the bottom of ponds in Cape Cod, so she wanted to do something about it.

About four years ago, she formed a group affectionately called “Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage”, or “OLAUG” for short. They’ve been pulling trash from some of the 996 fresh water ponds on the Cape ever since.

‘It’s kind of a treasure hunt for stuff that’s not supposed to be there,’ Baur told WBZ-TV.”

Read the full story on CBS Boston here.

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