This poem by 15 year old Alex Macey, was written about Dean’s Pond in Mashpee. A few weeks ago, he had to adhere to a poetic style for an assignment. Alex is a sophomore at St Johns Prep in Danvers, and wrote the poem from the perspective of sitting on his Grandmother’s deck overlooking the pond on Pond Street, in Popponesset, Mashpee.
He is very concerned about how the wildlife in Cape ponds and waterways are being impacted by human behavior and took seaweed catalog pics this past summer for the Popponesset Water Stewardship Alliance to help with the research being conducted in the area.

Summer Afternoon (on Dean’s Pond)
By Alex Macey

I sit down in the white chair,
On the deck that seems taller than everything,
And with the soft creak
I let my day truly begin

I look at the pond and the trees surrounding it.
Although vibrant
The way the colors fade into each other
Makes me feel warm

The wind plays a slow song,
Featuring the sharp chirps of the toads
And the long calls of the birds.

The slow moving pond is like a canvas
For the paint of the sun.

The world is rhythmic,
No uncertainties,
Almost mesmerizing,
The way it goes back and forth.

I feel weightless, thoughtless, stressless,
Yet full of emotion.
Experiencing the world as if I’m outside of my body.

For a moment,
I forget I exist.

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Pond Stories are a collection of writings from Cape Codders and visitors who love the 1000 local ponds that dot the Cape. We hope this collection of stories, that are as much endearing as they are environmentally aware, will awaken your inner environmentalist to think deeper about our human impacts to these unique bodies of water. Check out these valuable resources to learn more about the current challenges Cape Cod ponds are facing and how you can be a better pond steward in your town.