APCC’s 50th year ended with a bang when the Governor signed legislation creating the Cape and Islands Water Protection Trust Fund. It’s not an understatement to say that the Trust Fund is the most significant legislative milestone for the Cape’s environment in a generation. APCC is proud to have been a driving force in effort to create the Trust and is grateful to our partners and legislative delegation for their hard work and dedication.

Right after the ink dried on the Trust Fund bill, the calendar turned to 2019 and my mind shifted to the challenges ahead for the first year of our second 50 years. There is no shortage of issues to confront and any number of places where APCC can spend it’s time. The interesting question to me is determining where APCC can provide leadership and make a difference. Very often the environmental community gets most energized in opposition to a project, a proposed rule or legislation. While often important, opposition is a reactive stance and the prevention of something bad doesn’t improve baseline environmental conditions. The challenge for APCC, and our broader environmental community, is to develop an agenda that improves the baseline and creates a road toward environmental improvement. I know this works because we just did it with the Water Protection Trust Fund.

We will be talking to you more in the next weeks about our advocacy agenda. It’s already clear we are going to continue our focus on water quality restoration and fighting for rational climate change policies and practices. In addition, look for APCC to weigh in heavily into the ongoing debates about affordable housing production, and bridge replacement. Finally, we will be loud and persistent in our opposition to the outrageous rollbacks of basic environmental protections by the Trump Administration. While opposition will not be the focal point of everything we do, some things require steadfast opposition. APCC will oppose the Trump Administration’s reckless and systematic gutting of federal environmental rules at every turn.

2019 promises to be a productive and busy year for APCC. I am glad we have you as a supporter as our ability to protect the Cape relies on you.