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2017 Current Events


Eco-Tour of APCC
12pm - 4pm PM

In collaboration with the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), the Association to Preserve Cape Cod is opening its property for an eco-tour, "Celebrating Natives". Due to limited space, registration required. Event is free.

Events: Past

June 21

Garden in the Woods Tour
We’re going to visit a special place, a wonderful garden managed by New England Wildflower Society called Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA.

June 20

Muddy Creek Kayak Tour
APCC staff will lead this kayak tour of the Muddy Creek estuary to discuss the ecological benefits and observe the visible effects of this recently completed tidal restoration project.

June 15

A Rain Garden at Osterville Library
Come learn about rain gardens and help us plant!

June 8

Time to Choose: An APCC Film Event
Academy Award®-Winning documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson turns his lens to address worldwide climate change challenges and solutions in this new film.

May 17

Bye Bye Lawn
We'll show you how we're reducing our lawn using three ecologically-friendly methods that you can use to reduce your lawn.

May 2, 9 & 16

Freshwater Ponds: The Jewels of Cape Cod
Freshwater ponds of Cape Cod will be the topic of a series of APCC lead talks at Osterville Library.

May 7

Springtime Herring Exploration at the Mashpee River
Learn about the Cape's most famous fish—river herring!

April 26 & 27

Cleaning Up the Bays: Managing Stormwater in the Three Bays
APCC is hosting the public meetings to kick off our restoration project to help clean up the bays.

April 9

Nature-friendly Native Plants for the Cape Cod Landscape with Michael Talbot
Come learn from one of the pioneers and experts of the “Nature-scaping” movement about why, how and what native plants to use in all areas of the landscape.

April 2

Bird-friendly Gardenswith Nanette Masi
Discover how you can brighten your gardens with a variety of colorful birds and surround yourself with their music by using ornamental native plants.

March 30

Let’s Build a Garden
Discover how you can brighten your gardens with a variety of colorful birds and surround yourself with their music by using ornamental native plants.Learn how to plan and construct a unique raised bed for your home garden in our hands-on workshop at APCC's Living Laboratory Landscape.

March 28

Bring in Spring: Dennis Nature Walk
Let's welcome Spring with a nature walk guided by APCC and the Dennis Conservation Trust. During our forest stroll to a picturesque salt marsh we'll identify native and invasive plants, discuss salt marsh ecology, and profile APCC restoration projects.

March 26

Kill Your Lawn
Learn why you should "kill your lawn," and how to replace it with beautiful and environmentally friendly native plantings.

March 12

Lessons for the garden: What native plants have taught me with Claudia Thompson
This program will reaffirm your commitment to the joy and importance of native plants in our managed landscapes, and give you valuable tips for working with them.

March 5

Waterwise Landscape Designs with Trevor Smith of Land Escapes
Water is part of our daily routine and the stuff of mystery. We use it to cook our food, wash our dishes, and brush our teeth, and few of us can stand on the beach and not lose ourselves to watching the breakers roll in.