Our Future with Water

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Our Future with Water:

The why, what, and how of storm water management.

Thursday, January 13th – Virtual Presentation @ 1:00 PM

Water simultaneously manages to be the stuff of mystery and part of our daily routine. We use it to cook with, wash our dishes, and brush our teeth, but very few can stand on the beach and not lose themselves watching the breakers roll in.

In the face of climate change, water is becoming much more of an issue because we either have too much or too little, and never when we really need it. Water bans, flooding, and erosion are common now and it feels as if this lifegiving resource has turned against us. Get reacquainted with water and learn simple methods to capture and reuse storm water or slow stormwater runoff.

Trevor shares his nearly two decades of practical experience working with and installing stormwater management systems and will cover rain harvesting, permeable pavements, green roofs, bioswales and rain gardens, and tree planting.

Trevor Smith is a designer and education coordinator at Weston Nurseries. He is also a regenerative landscape consultant, landscape designer, and stormwater consultant at ReEarth (formerly Land Escapes) – an ecological landscape design and install company in the Boston area. For more than 20 years Trevor has worked to improve our planet and our community through ecological landscape design and education. As past president and board member of the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA), Trevor collaborates with ELA to bring vital information, resources, and educational materials to the landscape design community. Trevor has taught many classes on green infrastructure, contributes regularly to landscape publications, and lectures frequently at industry events. Trevor holds several landscape certifications, including MCH, NOFA AOLCP, LEEDGA, and IPCI

Presentation Video

Trevor `Smith