APCC is a grassroots organization whose critical work depends on the support of its members.

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As a grassroots organization, membership is the heart of APCC. The support of our members allows us to change the pattern of development on Cape Cod so that we can better protect wildlife habitat, critical water resources, natural landscapes, water quality, fish runs and so much more.

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Your ongoing generous support of APCC is vital to our success. By renewing your APCC membership today, you will help ensure that together we can build a lasting legacy in the unparalleled beauty, distinctive character and precious natural resources that define Cape Cod.

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Over the years, we have advocated successfully for laws and policies that have preserved and improved the Cape’s environment, and made Cape Cod a place where businesses like yours can thrive. Because we know the Cape's environment IS it's economy.

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What better way to ensure the generations that come after us will be able to enjoy the Cape’s natural beauty and resources than by helping others stay informed on the critical issues affecting our Cape Cod home today with a gift membership to APCC?

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To show our appreciation, we now offer member benefits that can save you money. Join or renew today and you will recieve a membership card that can be used for discounts at the following businesses across the Cape.