Solar Program

APCC’s Solar Story

APCC Solar Illustration
Schematic sketch of APCC’s solar panel and battery backup system.

In February 2020, thanks to a grant from the Tern Foundation’s TernSOLAR challenge grant* and the generous contributions of APCC members, our office building became fueled by the sun. Going solar was an important milestone for APCC as we try to lead by example by making our operation carbon-neutral and taking action in addressing the climate crisis.

The installation includes rooftop solar panels and a battery backup system. The storage battery provides a backup in case of a power outage, which was important to us to protect the building from sporadic winter power outages. And the utility company has a Demand Response Program whereby they can draw on the battery stored power to during peak demand throughout the year. Our battery and others like it connected to the grid will help prevent brown outs and reduce the need for additional infrastructure for these sporadic needs.

APCC no longer pays an electric bill. Even better, we receive income from the utility company for all solar energy generation and for participating in the Demand Response Program with our battery storage system. Through SunPower, we are able to view the energy generated in real time by logging into a website. 

SunPower Monitoring Data
Our solar energy production is monitored by SunPower. When we log onto their website, this is an example of what we see.

To encourage more conversions to solar energy use, APCC has partnered on a renewable energy incentive program with SunPower by E2 Solar, the Cape Cod-based business contracted to install our solar array. For every new customer who purchases and installs a solar array from E2 Solar and names APCC as the referring organization, E2 Solar will donate $500 to APCC.

*The Tern Foundation’s TernSOLAR challenge grant is designed to expand renewable energy use in Massachusetts communities, making solar technology more accessible to nonprofit organizations.

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