Zoning Reform Working Group

Reforming the State’s Land Use Laws

For several years, APCC has been a leading voice in efforts to reform the state's zoning and planning statutes, which have been identified as among the worst in the nation because of their inability to allow communities to plan effectively for growth and protect natural resources. Existing state law actually serves as an impediment to local planning by allowing developers to easily circumvent efforts to improve zoning bylaws.

APCC is a member of a large coalition of planning and land use professionals, environmental organizations, housing advocates, municipal representatives and state elected officials who are seeking reforms to the state's antiquated land use statutes.

Working closely with APCC and other coalition partners, in early 2017 State Representatives Sarah Peake and Stephen Kulik filed legislation drafted by the coalition called “An Act Building on the Future of the Commonwealth” (H.2420).

In the months ahead, APCC will be working to promote passage of this long-overdue update of the state's land use laws. We encourage concerned citizens to contact their members of the state legislature to voice support for it.