Smart Growth Guides

A central focus of APCC’s growth management efforts is to direct growth away from environmentally sensitive resource areas and to existing town centers and villages. Promotion of compact village centers and protection of natural resource areas is also a primary goal of the Cape Cod Business Roundtable, a group of civic leaders who address issues of regional importance.

During the past several years, APCC and the Roundtable have worked collaboratively to advocate for directly growth to appropriate town center locations. Over the course of this work, it was determined that although town local comprehensive plans call for compact development and natural resource protection, local bylaws often prevent this desirable pattern of land use to occur.

Link to Overcoming Impediments to Smart Growth on Cape Cod

“A Guide to Town Center Revitalization” and “Overcoming Impediments to Smart Growth on Cape Cod” provide information, insight and guidance for towns and concerned citizens who seek to establish a pattern of development that results in vibrant town centers and protection of natural resource areas. The “Guide to Town Center Revitalization” is largely based on APCC’s experiences in several towns on Cape Cod where we have worked with local partners to for the adoption of zoning that promotes village revitalization. “Overcoming Impediments to Smart Growth on Cape Cod” is the result of an analysis of the problems related to reforming local zoning bylaws.

Link to a Guide to Town Center Revitalization

Funding for these projects was generously provided by the Barnstable County Economic Development Council to APCC on behalf of the Business Roundtable.