The pace of life seems to have sped up. Early summer breezes have brought with them the welcome familiar returnees; people re-opening summer homes, visitors, some really big striped bass (sorry, that’s all the information I’m sharing on that topic), and crowds at the garden centers. Combined with real signs of the waning pandemic, there is a lot of positive energy locally, and that is to be both celebrated and appreciated.

At the same time, we are seeing some less welcome returnees; early season cyanobacteria blooms, drought, and renewed threats to legally protected water supplies and wildlife habitat posed by the proposed Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range at Joint Base Cape Cod are just a few of the things that have kept us busy in just the last few weeks here at APCC. That said, APCC has never been better positioned to respond to these challenges than we are right now. This summer, we have the largest and most extensive cyanobacteria monitoring program ever planned. We have great resources available on our website that provide guidance on how to manage your landscape to make it more eco-friendly and drought tolerant. And we are fully engaged at all levels of government to ensure that the legal protections afforded to the Upper Cape Water Supply Reserve are respected and enforced.

This is all a way of saying that I feel good about APCC and where we are focused right now. I also know that what we are able to do is solely a function of the support that we get from our members. We work on your behalf and hope that you see a value in the ongoing support of our work. Our Summer Appeal is in the mail, and it is my hope that you will act to strengthen us with your support. We have a lot to do.