Thanks to Skye Gibson who serves on the board of the Red Lily Pond Project Association in Craigville and who wrote a book for children of all ages about the two ponds in Craigville, formally once a great pond.

According to the Craigville Village website, the bodies of water today called Red Lily Pond and Lake Elizabeth, once the single Pink Lily Lake, form the eastern side of Craigville Village. The Ponds are home to swans, turtles, fish and much other wildlife besides their famous red pond lilies. From the Herring Run in the south through Lake Elizabeth to the quiet North Bay of Red Lily Pond, the ponds are a shimmering series of watery vistas and lush Cape Cod wetlands.

Skye gives us a different view of the ponds through a dog’s eyes. The dog protagonist in the book is named Elizabeth, after the largest pond – Lake Elizabeth.

The author writes: “This is an engaging book for children of all ages celebrating the ponds of the little town of Craigville on Cape Cod. Follow the ambles of an adorable dog named Elizabeth as she watches over the blue pools of her idyllic village. Read the book Once Upon The Ponds here for free, and consider purchasing to share with your dog and pond loving friends and family.

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