Here is a poem and illustration from Susan Baur’s book – “How Swimmers Dream” that she offered to us. The poem is her sister Jean’s and the collage is by Susan. We’ve written about Susan before and her connection to the Cape’s freshwater ponds (which we are grateful for!)

Dr. Susan Baur is an 81 year old clinical psychologist with an interest in the nature of the many ponds throughout Cape Cod, and especially the turtles living in those ponds. She has been swimming with those turtles for the past seventeen years and working tirelessly as an advocate for the preservation of the pond environment. Susan has written four children’s books about the turtles and has been involved with programs to teach children in local schools about ponds and turtles.
She has become known as “The Turtle Lady.”

The Pond
By Jean Baur

If I were
Or rising
Between the arms
Of a sunken branch,
If I were
That free,
If breath underwater
Was gills
And bubbles,
And my arms extended
Wide to embrace
Such fish-floating
Then I would never
Look at a pond
Again as a simple thing–
I’d know the depth
Of something
That inhabits there.

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