APCC is closely tracking over 25 bills filed in the state legislature for the 2017-2018 legislative session that are relevant to environmental issues on Cape Cod. The following are some of the highest priority bills APCC is actively supporting.

An Act Relative to a Climate Adaptation Management Plan in Response to Climate Change—S.472, H.2147 (Sen. Pacheco, Rep. Smizik): Known as the Climate Adaptation Management Plan (CAMP), it requires the state to develop a comprehensive plan to protect the state’s citizens, economy and environment from climate change impacts. Read more.

An Act Building on the Future of the Commonwealth—H.2420 (Rep. Kulik, Rep. Peake): A refiling of the state land use and zoning reform bill long-advocated by APCC, this legislation improves the ability of municipalities to adopt smart growth planning and to protect natural resources. Read more.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station—S.1837, H.2472, H.2502, H.1131, H.1147, S.1185, S.1836 (Sen. Cyr, Sen. deMacedo, Rep. Peake, Rep. Whelan): Motivated by ongoing concerns regarding the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, several bills were filed by Cape Cod state legislators that address emergency planning and decommissioning issues.

An Act to Sustain Community Preservation Revenue—H.2615, S.1504 (Sen. Creem, Rep. Kulik): This bill increases the amount of registry of deeds recording fees dedicated as state match for local Community Preservation Act funds, with the goal of maintaining a 50 percent minimum state contribution.

An Act Protecting the Natural Resources of the Commonwealth—S.419 (Sen. Eldridge) Also known as the Public Lands Preservation Act, this bill would help maintain a no-net loss in public lands that are protected under Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution by requiring that land taken out of public use by a municipality or the state be replaced by land of equal resource value and size.