APCC is a grassroots organization whose critical work depends on the support of its members.

APCC Internship Program?How You Can Help

Whether it?s working to restore a vast 1,100-acre salt marsh, restricting environmentally harmful activities across an entire bay, or leading a grassroots campaign to prevent environmental degradation in a single neighborhood, APCC undertakes each fight with the same passion because we understand that each victory offers one more protection for our fragile home.

If we are to preserve the existing character of the Cape, then we have a great deal of work to do...and quickly. The enormity of challenges confronting us as we endeavor to protect Cape Cod?s natural resources means there?s no time to lose.

With a small program staff and the constraints of grant or foundation money to fund APCC?s advocacy efforts, our capacity has been stretched to the limit. The use of interns gives APCC an economical and affordable solution to this problem?and one that offers a substantial boost to the success of our efforts.

Interns bring fresh, outside-the-box thinking to APCC as well as the youthful enthusiasm needed for successful grassroots advocacy campaigns. Ready to put their mark on the world, they greatly increase our productivity. Without interns, APCC simply wouldn?t have the manpower to win the key grassroots campaigns that are fundamental to protecting our natural resources.

Every donation, whether a one-time donation or a faithful yearly gift, provides vitally important resources needed to prepare the next generation to fulfill their roles not only as the future stewards of Cape Cod?s environment, but also of the rest of the world.

When you support an APCC intern, you give a young person the opportunity to gain direct hands-on experience resolving the complex environmental issues confronting Cape Cod and the world. And your support provides APCC with a very cost-effective way to carry out more programs and advocacy campaigns.

Through this high-quality professional experience, Interns acquire new field and laboratory skills and develop proficiency with scientific instruments and sampling equipment. They learn how to manage projects, write proposals, conduct scientific investigations, work with state agencies and local officials, and learn to do public outreach.

Our interns are excited and open to new ideas and are ready to make their mark on the world.

Consider this?a permanently endowed internship or a sponsored internship would dramatically increase APCC?s ability to respond quickly to new threats to Cape Cod, threats which too often arise with no warning.

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