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Internship Experiences

APCC intern Karl DuPuy working in the marsh

Carl DePuy, began his APCC expirience as our 2011 Whitlock Intern and has returned every summer since as our coastal ecology educator.

"My summer internships with APCC shaped my teaching practices and helped guide my career goals. I often use the skills and knowledge from my APCC internship in teaching the ecology of Cape Cod to high school students. The internship experience has rippled its way from the salt marshes and the APCC office into my learning objectives and curriculum for my ecology class. This learning is then passed on to other students and parents.? ? Carl DePuy 2008 Salt Marsh Intern.

Trish Vosburg, APCC?s 2015 biology intern, developed and updated a Cape-wide list of priority restoration projects that address fish passage and salt marsh restoration as well as stormwater mitigation. These projects aim to benefit the Cape?s natural resources, particularly herring runs and shellfish beds. She also gathered related data on Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the associated water bodies, as well as information on sea level rise and coastal resiliency. Trish then helped develop a system to prioritize these restoration projects for funding. She also worked on organizing and analyzing the herring count data submitted by volunteers.

"I absolutely loved my internship. Working at APCC provided me with experience in policy and conservation, expanding on the concepts I learned in classes at college but never had the chance to practice in real life. The resources at APCC allowed me to dive into a professional experience that was invaluable for preparing me for graduate education. Right from the start, I was involved in meetings and decision making, which allowed me to learn in the best way possible while solving problems in an active and engaging setting. Not only that, but working on the herring count data made me realize how interested I am in anadromous fish behavior and conservation, which has helped me solidify my future research path. I can?t say thank you to APCC enough for giving me this opportunity!"

APCC intern Nathan Robinson working on Cape Cod zoning reform

Nate Robinson came to work for us as a Community Planning/Grassroots Advocacy Intern and quickly showed a keen interest in all of our projects. He helped start a coalition that successfully advocated for the $30 million Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project, which will restore thousands of acres of shellfish habitat, migratory fish run habitat, and salt marshes across the Cape.

?The professional resources and learning opportunities available to me at APCC vastly outweighed anything I could learn in the classroom. My first day in the office, I attended a meeting where the planning theory I had studied in the classroom was being implemented in practice. A week removed from classes, and I was sharing a table with professional planners, consultants and engaged citizen groups.

There were no kid gloves at APCC, expectations were high and I was treated as a young professional. Work that I contributed to led to the passage of bylaws in Wellfleet and Brewster that will provide greater protection of Cape Cod?s unique natural resources for generations to come.

As I prepare to continue my graduate work, there is no question that my year at APCC was the singular, defining moment of my professional life. By working on a variety of complex issues, I have gained a better understanding of my own strengths, weaknesses and interests. As I move forward in my academic and professional life, the knowledge that I gained while working at APCC will continue to serve as an invaluable resource.? ? Nate Robinson 2009 Community Planning/Grassroots Advocacy Intern

APCC intern Tabitha Harkin working on a "smart growth" vision for East Harwich

Tabitha Harkin is both a painter and landscape architect. At APCC, her stunning visualizations contributed greatly to the development of a ?smart growth? vision for East Harwich, which could transform a modern strip development into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use town center. She has been featured in the book ?Becoming a Landscape Architect? by Kelleann Foster and specializes in sustainable landscape planning and community development, presentation graphics, and native plant design.

?Prior to coming to APCC as an intern, I was interested in the principles of smart growth, but my graduate program glossed over this type of planning. Working with APCC helped me to explore the landscape architect?s role in smart growth planning.

It helped me to fully understand that compact town center development coupled with the protection of critical natural resource areas are the keys to creating healthy communities.

This knowledge and understanding led me to solidify my career plans. I am now committed to a career of implementing smart growth principles.? ? Tabitha Harkin 2007 Whitlock Intern

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