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Volunteer Herring Monitor Form - Pilgrim Lake, Orleans

Herring Monitor Program

Herring Run Summary 2007-2017

Herring Count Forms

Please complete the form below and click the submit button. You will be directed back to the form if you need to enter more count data.

If you have questions or experience problems with the online data entry, please contact Jo Ann Muramoto at (508) 619-3185 or jmuramoto@apcc.org .



When you’ve finished entering your data, hit the “Submit” button. Your count will be automatically saved to an Excel spreadsheet for that run. The next time you want to enter more counts, just repeat the steps above. Don’t worry about overwriting the data you entered before – it will already be saved in a separate Excel spreadsheet.

If you've elected to directly enter the data online, you've saved us a step and we thank you very much! However, PLEASE save the hardcopies of count forms and mail to APCC, 482 Main Street, Dennis, MA 02638 by the end of May.