Preserving the Very Nature of Cape Cod:
21 Inspired Artists

Cape Cod Museum of Art
Reception March 22 – 5:30 – 7 pm
Exhibition on view March 15 – May 20, 2018

As part of its focus on caring for nature this spring, the Cape Cod Museum of Art (CCMoA) in partnership with APCC is presenting this exhibition in honor of APCC’s 50th anniversary, with an opening reception for the public on March 22. APCC’s motto, Preserving the Very Nature of Cape Cod, is the inspiration for 21 invited artists. “APCC has being doing great work to protect the Cape’s natural resources and address threats to our environment, and we’re proud to honor them,” said Angela Bilski, CCMoA’s interim operating director.

The artists have responded with works of painting, prints, culpture, found objects, photography and mixed media. Some of their responses are:

Robert K. Roark on his representational painting “Nothing but Blue Skies”: I try to capture the luminescence that is an integral part of Cape Cod. I hope by painting images like this that my viewers will be inspired to see the need to preserve the natural resources we are blessed with here on Cape Cod.

Mike Wright on her found object sculpture “Charm”: I think of myself as a salvager and recycler, assembling discarded materials I find on Provincetown beaches and in dumpsters into sculpture that suggest the endless process of transformation of the things of human industry and of nature. “Charm” has peeling paint, color scrubbed by salt waves, sand, or human use and allows us to recognize the influence of this place.

Sarah Hinckley on her abstract painting “Holding Back”: My paintings speak to the beauty and light that is Cape Cod. AND bring the attention of a willing viewer to see Cape Cod from a different vantage point. a glimpse, a dreamlike visual memory, MAYBE slightly off kilter, quiet amidst uncontrolled drips and exposed edges. color that could be the landscape and some color making suggestions or leading astray.

The artists are Mark Adams, Paul Bowen, Marty Davis, Romolo Del Deo, Joe Diggs, Alice Galick, Carole Garvey, Elspeth Halverson, Sarah Hinckley, Bao Lede, Carl Lopes, Andrea Moore, Rosalie Nadeau, Anne Packard, Sara Ringler, Robert K.Roark, Tabitha Vevers, Lance Walker, Frank Winters, Mike Wright, and Joyce Zavorskas.