Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project

Help APCC Save the Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project

APCC is working with regional and national partners on efforts to restore federal funding for the Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project (CCWRRP) and other similar watershed projects across the country. Money for these important environmental projects disappeared in 2011 when Congress eliminated funding of the USDA Watershed Program.

The CCWRRP is a comprehensive 10-year, $30 million Cape-wide project that would:

However, only $6.5 million were appropriated before funding was cut, leaving many of the Cape's critical restoration plans unfulfilled.

Now, efforts are underway to restore funding for the USDA Watershed Program, which is the funding source for the CCWRRP. APCC and our watershed coalition partners have encouraged Congressman William Keating and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, as well as other Massachusetts members of Congress, to help support the USDA Watershed Program.

Specifically, Congress is being asked to fund the Watershed Program at the following levels:

Why is the CCWRRP So Important for Cape Cod?

The coastal resources restored by the CCWRRP are important for the Cape's environment, and also play a vital role in the region's economy. For example:

What Can APCC Members Do to Help?

Please contact Congressman Keating, Senator Markey and Senator Cowan today and ask them to work with Congress to restore funding for the USDA Watershed Program. Tell them that USDA Watershed Program funding will directly benefit the Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project by protecting the environment and boosting economic opportunities for the region, and that Watershed Program funding will also similarly support other important watershed projects in Massachusetts and across the country.

Congressman William Keating
Cape & Islands District Office: 508-771-0666
Washington DC Office: 202-225-3111
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Email Senator Warren

Senator Edward Markey
Boston Office: (617) 565-8519
Washington DC Office: (202) 224-2742
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