2016 Annual Report (Click images to read articles)

There comes a point in each person’s life when they transition from work to retirement. On my 69th birthday in March, I have decided to take that step. The Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) is an important part of my life and an important vehicle for me to share my love of Cape Cod. Your support of APCC indicates your love for Cape Cod and I thank you for our APCC connection.

Our goal is to make our new home net zero energy-wise with tools such as renewable energy technologies, rain barrels and rain gardens. Our living landscape laboratory will help pollinators and reduce pollution from stormwater. When our education center is completed, APCC will be better able to communicate our environmental approach to a wide audience.

I am very proud of the accomplishments and strides that APCC has made under my directorship. APCC now has a permanent home on Route 6A in Dennis, which actually saves us money on office space. Our new home gives us the opportunity for expanding our educational programs and also enables us to provide examples of ecologically respectful landscaping. If you haven’t visited our Living Landscape Laboratory, I invite you to make it an annual stop to see how the transformation of an ordinary landscape evolves into a model Cape Cod landscape. Our newly-established Restoration Coordination Center is fully functional, helping all 15 Cape towns plan and orchestrate important ecological restoration projects. We completed important studies on the impact of sea level rise on our freshwater aquifer and the environmental impacts and threat of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. There is so much more APCC is doing, and if you haven’t visited it lately, please spend some time exploring www.APCC.org to learn more about your Cape Cod environmental watchdog.

Most importantly, I leave APCC in the hands of an outstanding team of ardent professionals. As I write this, I don’t know who the new executive director will be, but I do know that he or she will be someone committed to the vision and mission of APCC—the team will not allow anything less.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you because none of the accomplishments made by APCC would be possible without your support and the visionary work of our Board of Directors. It has been a pleasure working with you all. I can honestly say I never met an APCC member that I didn’t like, enjoy and respect. I am staying on the Cape and you should rest assured that I will remain committed and active in protecting and preserving the region. Indeed, I will continue working to convert APCC’s existing barn into a model education center—my one piece of unfinished business. Hopefully my departure gives you a chance to reflect on the importance of preserving Cape Cod, and might even give you the motivation to increase your support of the only regional environmental organization doing something every day to protect the natural wonder of Cape Cod. It has been an honor for me.


Ed DeWitt
Executive Director

In the spring of 2017 APCC's board of directors announced Andrew Gottlieb as the organization's new executive director.

Andrew came to APCC with more than 30 years of environmental protection experience in state, regional and local government.

From 2007 to January 2017, he was executive director of the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative, which is charged with assisting towns and the regional government in a coordinated approach to water and wastewater management efforts.

Before his role with the collaborative, Andrew was Chief of the Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development, where he coordinated the state's environmental, energy, housing and transportation policies. Prior to that, Andrew worked for 16 years at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. While at DEP, he developed a successful estuaries preservation program and reshaped the State Revolving Fund into a nationally recognized model for funding watershed protection efforts.

A resident of Mashpee, Andrew is serving a fourth term on the Mashpee Board of Selectmen.

"I am thrilled to be the new executive director of APCC, an organization with an almost 50-year history as the Cape's preeminent environmental advocacy organization. The protection and enhancement of the Cape's land and water resources are critical to the Cape remaining a special place to live, work and play. APCC will be at the center of an aggressive and science-based agenda to restore embayment water quality, protect ponds and critical habitats, minimize and mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensuring that future growth and development support that agenda." ~ Andrew Gottlieb

None of APCC's vital work is possible without continued, generous support of our membership and the foundations we work with. They are the voice with which we speak and the ground on which we stand.

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Ed DeWitt - Executive Director
Don Keeran - Assistant Director
Jo Ann Muramoto, PhD.- Senior Scientist/Mass Bays Program Regional Coordinator
April Wobst - Restoration Ecologist
Kristin Andres – Director of Education and Outreach
Laura Curry - Director of Information Services
Lauren Powers - Grants Administrator
Patrick Frye - Membership Field Coordinator
Bridgette Renaud – Bookkeeper
Carl DuPuy – Intern
Matt White - Maggie Geist Intern
Brian Horsley – Biology Intern

Board of Directors

Robert Cunningham President (Term expires 2016)
Margo Fenn, W. Yarmouth - Vice President (Term expires 2017)
Robert Summersgill, Orleans – Treasurer (Term expires 2017)
Elizabeth (Liz) Nill, Barnstable – Clerk (Term expires 2016)
Barbara Brennessel, Wellfleet (Term expires 2016)
Elliott Carr, Brewster (Term expires 2018)
Michael Corrigan, Chatham (Term expires 2016)
Anne Ekstrom, Bourne (Term expires 2017)
Katherine Garofoli, Hyannis (Term expires 2017)
Thomas Huettner, Dennis (Term expires 2017)
DeeDee Holt, Chatham (Term expires 2019)
Pat Hughes, Brewster (Term expires 2019)
Elizabeth Jenkins, Yarmouth Port (Term expires 2018)
Blue Magruder, Barnstable (Term expires 2017)
Eliza McClennen, Harwich (Term expires 2018)
Maureen O’Shea, West Barnstable (Term expires 2018)
Donald Palladino, Wellfleet (Term expires 2018)
Charles Sumner, Brewster (Term expires 2018)
Daniel Webb, Falmouth (Term expires 2017)