2015 Annual Report (Click images to read articles)

2015 was a significant year for APCC. With the help from many including our members and the Prospect Hill Foundation, APCC acquired a permanent home on December 29th. The new property provides more space at less cost and more importantly, the property allows APCC to better practice our environmental ethic by reducing our footprint on the environment. As we develop the property we will install even more features to live and work better and smarter environmentally.

Our goal is to make our new home net zero energy-wise with tools such as renewable energy technologies, rain barrels and rain gardens. Our living landscape laboratory will help pollinators and reduce pollution from stormwater. When our education center is completed, APCC will be better able to communicate our environmental approach to a wide audience.

We also established the Cape Cod Restoration Coordination Center in 2015. It became readily apparent to APCC that communities have an appetite for undertaking environmental restoration projects. A survey of the Cape's 15 towns quickly revealed a backlog of over 140 restoration projects that the towns wanted to undertake but lacked the capacity to begin—and more have been identified since. APCC believes by creating the RCC, we can close the capacity gap and actually carry out many more projects—projects that enhance water quality, air quality, coastal resilience and eco-diversity.

We are excited about the prospects for a better Cape Cod in part because of a better APCC with many new tools in our toolbox.


Ed DeWitt
Executive Director

In 2015, with funding from The Cape Cod Foundation through the Dolphin Fund for Cape Cod, Environmental Trust Fund of Cape Cod, Permanent Freshwater Fund, the Patricia Gidley-Price Fund, and the generous support of our membership, APCC established the Restoration Coordination Center (RCC) to help towns on Cape Cod with prioritization, planning, implementation and management of restoration projects. APCC met with staff from all 15 Cape towns and identified over 140 restoration projects that towns want to undertake, but lack the resources to implement. These projects include restoration of impaired salt marshes, fish runs and shellfish beds, as well as stormwater projects to improve water quality and habitat.

The goal of the RCC is to complete more restoration projects around the Cape by serving as a resource and management center. The RCC also aims to build public support for restoration to improve our natural resources and environment.

APCC’s comprehensive inventory of restoration projects will serve as the basis for prioritizing projects and helping communities to undertake restoration efforts. Through these projects, we can restore resources important to the local towns and the region, including clean water, shellfish habitat, migratory fish runs, and nursery and feeding habitat for many recreational and commercial fish species. Restoration projects will also protect and preserve habitat for other wildlife, such as migratory bird species, and will help make the Cape’s shores more resilient to the effects of major storms and sea level rise.

None of APCC's vital work is possible without continued, generous support of our membership and the foundations we work with. They are the voice with which we speak and the ground on which we stand.

To view lists of everyone who supported APCC in 2015, please click the images below.


Ed DeWitt - Executive Director
Don Keeran - Assistant Director
Jo Ann Muramoto, PhD.- Senior Scientist/Mass Bays Program Regional Coordinator
April Wobst - Restoration Ecologist
Kristin Andres – Director of Education and Outreach
Laura Curry - Director of Information Services
Lauren Powers - Grants Administrator
Patrick Frye - Membership Field Coordinator
Bridgette Renaud – Bookkeeper
Carl DuPuy – Intern
Lauren Tierney - Maggie Geist Intern
Trish Vosburg – Biology Intern

Board of Directors

Robert Cunningham President (Term expires 2016)
Kristin Andres, Chatham - Vice President (Term expires 2015)
Robert Summersgill, Orleans – Treasurer (Term expires 2017)
Thomas Huettner, Dennis – Clerk (Term expires 2016)
Barbara Brennessel, Wellfleet (Term expires 2016)
Elliott Carr, Brewster (Term expires 2015)
Michael Corrigan, Chatham (Term expires 2016)
Anne Ekstrom, Bourne (Term expires 2017)
Margo Fenn, Harwich (Term expires 2017)
Katherine Garofoli, Hyannis (Term expires 2017)
Elizabeth Jenkins, Yarmouth Port (Term expires 2015)
Blue Magruder, Barnstable (Term expires 2017)
Eliza McClennen, Harwich (Term expires 2015)
Elizabeth (Liz) Nill, Barnstable (Term expires 2016)
Maureen O’Shea, West Barnstable (Term expires 2018)
Donald Palladino, Wellfleet (Term expires 2015)
Charles Sumner, Brewster (Term expires 2018)
Daniel Webb, Falmouth (Term expires 2017)