Stormwater Financing Resources

There is much information available on the Internet and elsewhere concerning stormwater financing and stormwater utilities. Some of these are listed below. References marked with an asterisk (*) are contained in the Stormwater Financing Resources Package CD.

Capra, Anne, Senior Planner, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Powerpoint presentation on Stormwater Utilities and Fees. Chicopee Stormwater Utility Powerpoint presentation.*

Center for Urban Policy and the Environment at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis. ">An Internet Guide for Financing Stormwater Management.

Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA). Comprehensive webpage and links on How to Fund Stormwater Management Programs. Some of the items found on their website include the following:

City of Newton, MA. FAQs on Stormwater Fee and Powerpoint presentation (pdf) on enacting a stormwater utility. These and other resources are posted at the City of Newton?s webpage on stormwater.*

City of Salem, MA bylaw for stormwater and LID, including section on stormwater utility. Stormwater and Low Impact Ordinance.*

Comprehensive Environmental, Inc (CEI). 2007. Stormwater Utility Initial Feasibility Study, City of Franklin.*

Cyre, H.J. The Stormwater Utility Concept in the Next Decade (Forget the Millenium).*

Florida Stormwater Association. Establishing a Stormwater Utility. Comprehensive resource.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue. May 2006. Municipal Finance Glossary. 30 pages. Useful for understanding terms used in municipal financing.*

Massachusetts Department of Revenue. June 2002. Enterprise Funds, MGL Chapter 44 S53F 1/2. A guide to setting up enterprise funds in Massachusetts.*

MGL Ch. 40 Section 1A and MGL Ch 83 Section 16 concern stormwater utilities. The General Court of the State of Massachusetts. Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.). Search the Massachusetts General Laws.*

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Funding and Gaining Support for Stormwater Programs.*

New England Environmental Finance Center. May 2005. Stormwater Utility Fees: Considerations & Options for Interlocal Stormwater Working Group (ISWG). Prepared for the State of Maine. Compares pros and cons of different types of stormwater fees.*

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. How to Create a Stormwater Utility. Manual on creating the Town of Chicopee's stormwater utility, 125 pages.*

Reese, Andrew. September. 2008. Stormwater Management for the Wastewater Organization Why Stormwater Is Not Sewage. Stormwater, September 2008, 7 pp.*

Spinner, C.A. 2002. MSc.Thesis. An Integrated Approach to Stormwater Management in the Coastal Zone.*

Treadway and Reese. 2000. Financial Strategies for Stormwater Management. 3 pp.*

U.S. EPA, New England (Region 1). August 2006. Select U.S. Stormwater Utility Fee Structure Examples.*

U.S. EPA. Financing a Municipal Stormwater Program Webcast (Stormwater Utilities 201), July 12, 2006.*

U.S. EPA. Various references on NPDES and stormwater>.

U.S. EPA. Innovative state programs Chicopee stormwater utility.

VHB. 2007. City of Medford Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study.*

Washington State Department of Ecology. June 2003. Water Reuse Planning for the State of Washington. Although this document focuses on wastewater, there is discussion of integrating stormwater management and wastewater reuse. Search for stormwater management or stormwater.*

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